Traditions & Songs

Traditions & Songs

Heidelberg Colors

Heidelberg University is represented by the colors of orange, black and red. In the early days there
were no official colors, but peacock blue and old gold appeared on the official diplomas in the 1880s. The faculty voted to change the colors to black, orange and red, the reformation colors. On October 18, 1893, the executive committee of Heidelberg made the action official.

Rev. Rufus W. Miller, D.D. suggested the colors of orange, black and red around the time of the organization of the Brotherhood of Andrew and Philip, about 1888 when the German and Dutch were reformed together in the organization. Miller sought colors that would be good symbols of both churches and took the black and red from the German flag for the German reformed and the orange for the Dutch reformed. Five years later Heidelberg adopted them as its colors.

The Heidelberg Victory March

Music by Myron B. Barnes ’28
Words by Catherine Morneweck ’31

Fight on, Oh Heidelberg, stalwart and true,
There on the gridiron our College defend.
Bear thru the conquest her colors so bright,
See how they float on high!
Keep them forever untouched by disgrace,
Bear on her banners caressed by the sun,
Cherish them ever upon battle fields,
Bear them to Victory -
 Undimmed by passing of the years
Heidelberg march on!
See our Student Princes
Champion the cause of right!
Red and orange and black
High above the strife!
Fight on Heidelberg,
And vict’ry shall be thine!


Heidelberg Sweet Alma Home

Music by Professor F.A. Power
Words by J.E. Hartman ’96

Sweet Alma Home!
Where'er we be,
Where'er we roam,
On land or sea,
Our swift-winged memory
In yearnings, (yearnings) backward flies to thee.

Sing Alma Mater Heidelberg!
Sing till the vaulted heavens ring!
Sing till the gales on swiftest wing
Bear the song away!
Sing till returning echoes bring
Back again the lay!
(Sing till the echoes bring back the lay)
Sing Heidelberg!

We love thy walls,
Thy ancient name!
We seek thy halls
And greet thy fame!
And brightly gleams the flame
That love (that love) enkindles to thy name! – Chorus

Still hear the song
We raise to thee;
‘Twill not be long
We’ll part from thee.
But tho’ thy courts we leave
To thee (to thee) in love we ever cleave – Chorus

Let scepters break
And kingdoms fall!
Let powers quake,
And vanish all!
Yet wilt thou reign secure
Within our hearts (our hearts) while they endure! – Chorus